How do I get rid of bad feelings - Gospel message

There are days when I wake up excited, happy tune, refreshed and full of energy to do all the things I had planned to do that day.
However, there are other days that I get out of bed thinking of the time to go there. These days everything is gray, the world has ever dawning bent, dull, flat, and everything indicates that jururu will be one of those days where hours will pass more slowly than political time on TV.
Yeah! You may have noticed that between you and me is there in common, is not it? You happen to know what we have in common?
We are human beings!
This fluctuation in mood, emotions and feelings is a very strong character and is perceived in much of the world population. Some people vary more and others less variable, but all people suffer from these fluctuations physical, emotional and sentimental.
Since the variation of humor, strength and disposition in men and women is a fact, then comes the question: how to handle these variations that sometimes make us more excited than electric trio and other more down days than our team when you can not win that championship that was virtually guaranteed.
The answer and solution to any issue involving this interesting and uncontrollable human characteristic is known as a word:

Patience? What is this?
Patience is a virtue and also a feature that indicates that someone has a heart wide, long and not easily altered by any thing, event, person or circumstance.
In other words, we can also say that is the ability a person has to endure the problems, adversities, setbacks and yet, to proceed towards your goal without allowing your courage, your strength, your mood or spirit be deeply shaken.

That's cool! What characteristic Excellent!
Where do we learn to be long-suffering?Where can I learn to have such thing as patience in my life?
It's true! The forbearance is a very cool feature that, not to mention that if we can have it in our lives we would be able to do much more, we irritaríamos least, we would be more tolerant of the brothers and sisters, we would have more motivation and strength to face the challenges and difficulties of everyday life, we would be happier, happiest, would be better drivers, better parents, better children, students and applied more disciplined, stronger and more resilient teachers provocations, would commit fewer errors .. Finally! We would be much better people. We would be a blessing!
Unfortunately there is a school where we can learn to be longsuffering. The forbearance is not learned in college, do not learn from the masters of this world, is not learned in books and much less with science or technology. The patience is a fruit of the Spirit of God.
A fruit of the Spirit of God! What does that mean.
It means that this great feature, among many others as good and better than this one is unique to our God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God.
There is no middle and no magic formula for our humor, courage, motivation, and life be different if not for the grace of the Holy Trinity in our lives.
For the fruit of patience is born in our hearts and in our lives we must prepare the fertile ground of our heart that the Holy Spirit of God will dwell therein, and so we let him make us a real change, renovation and restoration in our way of life.
Only when we open the doors of our house so that the Holy Spirit of God can live with us here is that we can enjoy the timeless and wonderful benefits that He has for each one of us.
If this is also your desire, if you ever get tired of seeing your courage, your strength, your optimism, your humor, your confidence and courage to float more than gliding then it's time you call the our God, the Lord Jesus Christ and His wonderful Holy Spirit so that they will not only make your life at home as flood your life with all the virtues and blessings that come only from them.
If this is also your desire, then let us pray:
Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, send my life for your Holy Spirit that He will make a revolution in my character, my thoughts, in my emotions and my feelings and my actions so that I no longer is more like sheet carried by the wind and, yes, I have courage, vigor and strength that I did not bring me down and I do not despair over the difficulties and problems of life.

Amen and thank God. Stay in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.







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